I'm not a depressive, I just play one on TV


I spent Sunday with an old friend. We tried to figure it out, but we’re both terrible with dates, but maybe it was 2014 during the Phish Vegas Halloween run that we’d last spent any amount of time together. We probably ran into each other before or after a Phish New Years Eve gig at MSG, but those are fleeting “Sup dude!” moments, not like “What the fuck have you been up to with your life” chats.

It makes two weekends, in a row, that I’ve hung out with friends.

I was in Lake George (shoutout Last of the Mohicans) for a week, and I fucked up my hip by being a complete idiot on a motorcycle in the Adirodacks so I used the opportunity to be a lump on a fucking log since I got back. I didn’t drink, I didn’t get stoned, but I did sit around and either finish the last itty bit of a video game that I’ve spent an honestly disgusting amount of time on, or read an absolute trash book about some kind of future US navy ships being sent back in time to WWII (one of the future ships is named the USS Hillary Clinton lol) or maybe just binge watching the same shows I’ve seen a million times.

It’s straight up avoidance and it’s, uh, not ideal, but I just couldn’t summon the will to either give a shit at all or to give myself shit about it (which is usually step one in stopping my own destructive behavior). But then I hung out with people twice and suddenly I was like “oh yea I wanna do cool shit again” and suddenly watching shit endlessly on TV felt not great. I’m cured now.


Road Out of Winter

It’s like The Road, except instead of an old man and his son traveling through an unspecified apocalpytic wasteland, it’s a 18 year old marijuana grower named Wylodine who has a tiny house that she can drag behind her truck during what appears to be a new ice age. Sounds more whimsical, but it’s almost as bleak as Cormac’s take on the “end of the world would be a bummer” genre.


Straws in the Wind - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

This shit is Gizz at their weirdest and silliest and most out-there but I cannot stop singing the hook of this goddamn song every time I take a shower or, like, see a straw in the wild.


Halt and Catch Fire

You’ll hear “oh season 1 sucked, bc it was just a crappy Mad Men clone but then they pivoted to focusing on the *women* and it started to rule” but I liked season 1 and it’s super reductive to think that a storyline about an 80s era online video game company being run by a bunch of nerds out of a poorly wired house that suddenly invents message boards / social media and “oh shit, do they keep their scrappy integrity or do they succumb to the pressures of capitalism?” is only cool bc the two people in charge are women.

Anyway, check it out because the entire series fucking slaps and the core four actors are all fucking incredible.